Forgive Yourself

You don’t need to verbally ask for punishment to get it, because, “feeling gets the blessing (results)”, which means having a feeling of guilt about something within your heart, and mind, is the call for punishment.

Now, I’m not preaching psychopathic behaviour, going around, hurting people, and never feeling guilty about it. From my own experience, I know people may feel guilty about something for decades.

That is called The Guilt Complex, and it can result in mental suffering. It is a common “dis-ease” among perfectionists, whose responsibility gladly accepts the blame for something they’ve NOT done.

For example, they might have a family member that battles against cancer, and when the person passes away, perfectionists blame themselves ’cause they think there must be something they could have done to save the person.

Surely, many readers haven’t forgiven themselves for something they did years ago. It’s time to change that, otherwise, you’ll be blaming yourself for all “could have done, could have become, could have succeeded” in the late years of life that are going to forcefully make you reflect on the past.

First Things First: FORGIVE YOURSELF

Stop persecuting yourself and practising self-condemnation. Let it go! An interesting thing is that those folks who fail at forgiving themselves feel like God hasn’t forgiven them (a sure sign that you have not forgiven yourself is a feeling that God has not forgiven you)!

Another interesting thing is that we continue to “sin” (make mistakes) as long as we don’t forgive ourselves because that picture creates a “sinner identity” in the subconscious mind which then proceeds to act accordingly.

That’s why some Christian people bring up the worst out of others. They see them as Devils, so they get them, as well. In case you know someone who is “evil”, simply move away and do not let your mind get synchronized with thoughts of “evil”. Let it go, and remember that yang is as important as yin. We need night for the dawn to arrive!

A guilt complex can also get passed from generation to generation. For example, if your parents often blamed you for silly stuff, their acts programmed your mind. It happened to me. Forgive such people for the lack of understanding and yourself for acceptance of other people’s mental mess.


The guilt complex may draw punishment in so many different ways that you won’t have the slightest idea why. The ONLY way of cancelling guilt is by programming the mind. There are affirmations that helped me, and, I’m going to share them with you, but remember: God has NOTHING against you!

I recommend reading the following affirmations as often as possible, especially right away after waking up in the morning (while having a cup of coffee or tea), and in the evening right before falling asleep, ’cause that’s the time human minds operate at low frequencies and are easy to program! Read them passionately, “like you got the tiger in your tank” (Reverend Ike)


“Right here, and right now, I forgive and forget all of those I think have wronged me in the past.

I let go of any grudges deep down in my heart, and my mind, and I forgive myself for the mistakes I have made.

I forgive myself, and I forget my guilt.

I forgive others, and I forget their guilt.

I cancel guilt from my mind, and my heart, and I look to God in me for health, happiness, love, success, prosperity, and money.

Thank you, Father! Thank you, God-in-me!

I will not condemn!

I will not accuse!

I forgive myself, I forgive everybody else, and I am forgiven! Thank God, my sins are gone! I am free to live, free to succeed, free to love, and free to be loved.

I am now experiencing life more abundantly.”

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